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Our highly trained licensed adjusters work for your company to recuperate lost monies. More often than not, the sales staff may leave thousands of dollars on the table, or items and work for which your company should be compensated, but were not initially included.  SRS specializes in recovering expenses that are owed to your company after the sale.  ...Read More

When you work with Supplement Recovery Services, your only responsibility as the business owner, or manager, is to provide us with the necessary files in order to review your claims and determine the amount of additional revenue that should be returned to your company from the insurance carrier or produce an accurate and professional scope portion of your estimate. We work for you to streamline your claims handling process by providing hassle-free supplement recovery and scope writing services.

Our Team of Xactimate Level 3 Scope Writers save you time and help make you more money. Scope writing is the most tedious task of estimate preparation. Send your scope notes to our Team of expert licensed adjusters and we will review your file notes, produce an accurate and professionally written scope in Xactimate and return to you within 48 hours. To get started today, contact us at
(720) 387-8661 or (303) 901-5691